Map of the Sawtooth Ride from Boise via Garden Valley to Stanley. After stopping at the Mountain Village Restaurant in Stanley for lunch, we returned to Boise through Idaho City.

After riding up Hwy 55 from Eagle to Banks, we cut east, and took a break at the Garden Valley Chevron. This is by Hwy 17 btw Banks and Lowman. We continued east to Lowman and Stanley from here.

Outside Mountain Village Restaurant facing Hwy 21 from the north in Stanley is my ride, and the Sawtooth Mountains. Hwy 21 is otherwise known as the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, and it takes about 2 1/2 hours from Boise to Stanley.

View of the Sawtooth Mountains across Hwy 21 from the Mountain Village Restaurant in Stanley. Several motorcyclists were out and about that day.

Another look at the Sawtooth Mountains as I don't have a wide angle lense on my digital camera. ;^)

Mountain Village Merchandise is next door to the Chevron gas station across Hwy 21 from the restaurant. Pretty much has everything you need except for cool t-shirts. :-/

Barely had enough room on the shoulder of Hwy 75 right outside of Lower Stanley to take this photo of the Salmon River running south towards Ketchum. Had to hurry due to approaching traffic. Didn't even have enough time to close the saddlebag lid.

Just a few minutes west of Stanley on Hwy 21 is the junction to Stanley Lake (south) and Stanley Creek (north). Unfortunately, the gate to Stanley Lake was closed. The Sawtooths can be seen in the background. Well, duh!

The South Fork Payette River from the Lowman Bridge looking east. This river flows west to Banks where it joins the North Fork Payette River.

View of South Fork Payette River from the west while on Lowman Bridge. Just south of the bridge is the South Fork Lodge.

The South Fork Lodge in Lowman, which soon went out of business had become a popular gathering spot for motorcyclists. Several customers were having lunch on the balcony overlooking the parking lot.

Interior of the defunct South Fork Lodge although everyone was sitting outside on the balcony that day. We just had a couple of drinkies, checked out three of the new cabins in the back, and chatted with other motorcyclists for awhile before riding south to Idaho City where we took a butt break before returning back to Boise.